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杏仁朱古力布朗尼 Almond Chocolate Brownie


【杏仁朱古力布朗尼 Almond Chocolate Brownie】

情人節總需要帶一絲甜蜜~ 如果嫌「法式煎鴨胸」還不夠誠意和心思,配上這brownie應該足夠吧!


材料 Ingredients:

模具 Mould:7” x 7”

  • 朱古力 Chocolate | 200 g

  • 牛油 Butter | 110 g

  • 黃糖 Brown sugar | 150 g

  • 雞蛋 Egg | 3 pcs

  • 鹽 Salt | 1/4 tsp

  • 雲呢拿精油 Vanilla extract | 1 tsp

  • 中筋麵粉 All-purpose flour | 75 g

  • 可可粉 Cacao powder | 50 g

  • 杏仁 Almond | 120 g

  • 鹽花 Fleur de sel | 1 tsp

做法 Directions:

  1. 首先把牛油和朱古力放入一隻碗中,然後放在一隻已在煲熱水小鍋上,隔水慢火煮溶。攪拌至完全融合。

  2. 然後加入黃糖攪勻。再把雞蛋分兩至三次加入攪勻。加入雲呢拿精油和鹽混合。

  3. 把可可粉和麵粉分別過隔篩。先加入可可粉拌勻,再加入麵粉混合。然後再放入已切碎的杏仁,拌勻即可。

  4. 把模具的底部用焗爐紙和錫紙封好,把蛋糕漿倒入。在表面灑上鹽花後,放入已預熱至攝氏170度的焗爐中烤焗35至40分鐘。完成後,拿出放涼。然後根據自己的喜好,切成小件(稍為放在雪櫃中變得更加硬身,會更容易分切)。

  1. First, put butter and chocolate in a bowl. Place the bowl over of a pot of simmering water. When they melt completely, mix them up thoroughly.

  2. Then add brown sugar in, mix well. Add the eggs in in a few rounds and incorporate them thoroughly. After that, add salt and vanilla extract, mix well.

  3. Pass the cacao powder and flour through a sieve separately. Add the cacao powder into the batter and mix well. Then add the flour and incorporate. Avoid over mixing. Get the chopped almond in and mix well again.

  4. Wrap the bottom of the mould with a piece of parchment paper, then secure it with a piece of aluminium foil. Pour the batter inside the mould. Sprinkle some flour de sel on top. Place it in a preheated oven, bake it at 170C at 35-40 minutes. When done, remove from oven. Let it cool down completely before cutting into smaller pieces.(Placing the brownie in the fridge briefly can make it firmer and easier to cut.)

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