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漂浮之島 Floating Island

【漂浮之島 Floating Island】

之前與其他YouTuber合作拍片時,示範了這道當年我在藍帶第一堂甜品課中學過的「飄浮之島」。雖然很簡單,但好像不是太多人聽過或者吃過這到甜品。就讓我分享這道由最基本的蛋白霜和蛋奶醬組合而成的甜品給大家吧!P.S. 學會焦糖裝飾也可以套用在其他甜品上呢!

Floating Island was one of the first desserts that I learned in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute years ago. It is a combination of meringue and creme anglaise. Let me share with you the techniques and details of making this classic French sweet indulgence.


材料 Ingredients:

2 - 3 人份|2 - 3 servings

— A. 蛋白霜 Meringue —

蛋白 Egg Whites | 3 隻 pcs

砂糖 Sugar | 80 克 g

— B. 煮蛋白的牛奶 Duxelles —

牛奶 Milk | 500 毫升 ml

砂糖 Sugar | 50 克 g

雲呢拿精油 Vanilla extract|1 茶匙 tsp

— C. 英式蛋奶醬 Crème Anglaise —

蛋黃 Yolks | 3 隻 pcs

砂糖 Sugar | 20 克 g

(B)煮完蛋白剩下來的牛奶 Leftover milk after poaching meringue from (B) | 250 毫升 ml

— D. 焦糖 Caramel —

砂糖 Sugar | 60 克 g


做法 Directions:

  1. 首先製作蛋白霜。把蛋白和砂糖拂打到硬性發泡狀態

  2. 把(B)的牛奶、砂糖和雲呢拿精油倒入平底鑊中煲滾,然後用兩隻湯匙將剛才的(A)的蛋白霜弄成長身的鵝蛋形狀。當做到滿意的形狀時,就可以用另一支沾了水的湯匙多刮一下,把蛋白霜放入加了熱的牛奶內慢火煮3-5分鐘。完成後,撈起放涼,儲存在雪櫃中備用。

  3. 製作英式蛋奶醬。把步驟(2)剩下的牛奶過篩,取起250毫升。把牛奶煮滾。同時間,把蛋黃和(C)的20 克砂糖在碗中拂打30秒。把滾奶與蛋黃混合,再將混合物回鍋煮至略為稠身便可。倒出來冰鎮放涼,儲存在雪櫃中備用。

  4. 製作焦糖裝飾。把模具外側或碗面塗上少量菜油。把(D)的砂糖在白鑊中煮成焦糖,再用不同的角度去淋上焦糖形成網罩狀。放涼2-3分鐘便可脫模備用。

  5. 組合。在碟上放上一英式蛋奶醬,再在上端放上3-5顆煮好的蛋白霜,再以焦糖網罩蓋頂便完成!

  1. First of all, make the meringue. Beat the egg whites and sugar to firm peak stage.

  2. Add milk, sugar and vanilla extract from (B) into a frying pan, and bring it to a boil. Use two spoons to make quenelles of meringue, and drop them into the hot milk to poach for 3-5 minutes. When done, take the meringue out and keep in fridge for later use.

  3. Make Crème Anglaise. Strain the milk from step (2), and reserve only 250ml of it. Bring milk to a boil in a frying pan. Meanwhile, whisk the yolks and 20g of sugar from (C) for 30 seconds. Pour the hot milk into the yolk while mixing. Pour the mixture back into frying pan and cook over low heat until slightly thicken. When done, transfer the sauce into a bowl with ice bath underneath it. Keep in fridge for later use.

  4. Make the caramel decoration. Grease the outside of a mould or a bowl. In a saucepan, cook sugar from (D) to make caramel. Then drizzle randomly on top of the greased bowl. When done, wait for 2-3 minutes to cool down and harden. Remove the caramel cage from the bowl.

  5. Assemble. Pour a ladle of Crème Anglaise on the centre of a flat plate. Then place 3-5 pieces of meringue over the sauce. Last, put the cage over everything, and the Floating Island is ready to serve!

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