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法式蔥油餅 Kinda-French Scallion Pancakes

法式蔥油餅 Kinda-French Scallion Pancakes



材料 Ingredients:

3大塊 |3 large pieces

— 蔥油 Shallot Oil —

乾蔥 Shallots | 3 粒 pcs

菜油 Vegetable Oil | 30 毫升 ml

— 蘑菇乾蔥醬 Duxelles —

牛油 Butter | 50 克 g

蘑菇 Mushrooms | 500 g

乾蔥 Shallots | 6 pcs

鹽 Salt | 1/2 茶匙 tsp

胡椒粉Pepper |1/2 茶匙 tsp

— 蔥油餅 Scallion Cake —

中筋麵粉All-Purpose Flour | 300 克 g

水 Water | 150 毫升 ml

牛油 Butter | 50 克 g

蔥油 Scallion Oil | 30 毫升 ml

鹽 Salt | 1/2 茶匙 tsp

蔥花 Scallion | 100 g

水牛芝士 Mozzarella Cheese | 100 g


做法 Directions:

  1. 首先製作蘑菇乾蔥醬。把蘑菇和乾蔥分別設成幼末。在平底鑊中,加入牛油,用中小火慢炒乾蔥和蘑菇,加入調味,炒至乾身便可(約15至25分鐘)

  2. 製作蔥油。把乾蔥末和菜油以小火炸至金黃備用。

  3. 把中筋麵粉、攝氏60度的溫水、牛油、蔥油和鹽放在盆中攪拌,搓至均勻滑身為止(約3-5分鐘)。將麵分成三等分,放旁醒麵10至15分鐘。

  4. 15分鐘之後,用麵粉棍把麵糰壓成長方形,在表面塗上少量菜油,放上蘑菇乾蔥醬、水牛芝士和蔥花後,再把它捲成長條,然後再捲摺成蛇餅型。再次放旁醒麵約15分鐘。

  5. 第二次醒之後,再用麵粉棍把麵壓平。再在一隻平底鑊中倒入少量菜油,用慢火煎將兩邊煎成金黃色便可。

  1. Make the duxulles (a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms and shallots). Mince the mushrooms and shallots separately. You can use your knife or a food processor to do it. In a frying pan, add the butter in. Saute the minced shallots and mushrooms over a low-medium heat. Season well. It takes about 15-25 minutes to get the moisture out from the mushroom.

  2. Make the shallot oil. Put the sliced shallots and vegetable oil into a small pot, slowly fry the shallots over low heat until they turn golden brown. Then remove it from the heat, and strain the oil for later use.

  3. Mix the all-purpose flour, water at 60C, butter, shallot oil and salt together in a big mixing bowl. Knead it for 3-5 minutes until the dough becomes smooth. Divide the dough into three pieces. Leave it aside and cover with a damp towel (or plastic wrap) for 10-15 minutes to relax.

  4. After resting, roll the dough out into a big rectangle. Brush a little bit of vegetable oil on the dough. Spread the duxulles, sprinkle the mozzarella cheese and scallion on top. Roll it up from the long end, then roll it again into a circle. Cover with a damp towel and let the dough rest again for another 15 minutes.

  5. After resting for the second time, flatten the dough with a rolling pin. In a frying pan, add some oil and fry the scallion pancake until golden brown on both sides.

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