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墨西哥芝士餡餅 Quesadilla

墨西哥芝士餡餅 Quesadilla

有些食物需要在特定的時間和場合進食;但同時又有一些食物可以隨時隨地、無拘無束地滿足你飢餓的胃! 墨西哥芝士餡餅絕對是其中一樣最萬用的食物。加上它是我讀書時期最經常吃的小食之一,所以希望各位也喜歡這個食譜!😋

Some food are meant to be eaten at a certain time in a day or at special occasions, but some can be consumed anytime, anywhere, and quesadilla is one of those awesome food! It makes a good breakfast, brunch, quick snack, party food... (I mean I can just eat this whenever I am hungry!) This is one of the dishes that I've eaten most frequently back then when I was in college. I hope you guys will love this recipe too!


材料 Ingredients:

4-6 人份 |Serves 4-6

  • 墨西哥薄餅 Tortilla | 4-6 片 pcs

  • 雞柳 Chicken Tenderloin, diced | 4 塊 pcs

  • 紅甜椒粉 Paprika | 2 茶匙 tsp

  • 調味 Seasoning | 適量 to taste

  • 蒙特利傑克芝士 Monterey Jack Cheese | 30-50 克 g

  • 牛油果 Avocado | 1 顆 pc

  • 酸忌廉 Sour Cream | 4 湯匙 tbsp

-- 莎莎醬 Salsa Roja --

  • 番茄 Tomato | 3-4 顆 pc

  • 紅洋蔥 Red Onion, diced | 1 顆 pc

  • 蒜蓉 Minced Garlic | 2 瓣 cloves

  • 墨西哥辣椒 Jalapeno, finely diced | 1 顆 pc

  • 芫茜/ 牛至草 Cilantro/ Oregano | 1 株 stalk

  • 調味 Seasoning | 適量 to taste


做法 Directions:

  1. 先用紅甜椒粉、鹽和胡椒粉,醃雞柳約15分鐘。假若你有洋蔥粉和蒜粉,也可以加進去。

  2. 準備莎莎醬。先將番茄汆水,除去它的皮和籽。再將它切碎。在一隻平底鑊中,加入少量橄欖油。放進洋蔥碎炒至輕微金黃色,約7分鐘左右。再加入蒜蓉、切碎的香草和墨西哥辣椒,在多煮2分鐘。如果你想你的莎莎醬更加柔滑,可以用手持攪拌器或攪拌器將醬汁攪爛。

  3. 在另一隻平底鑊中加入少量橄欖油,將雞柳粒炒至熟透,放旁備用。

  4. 在一隻乾淨的平底鑊中,加入少量橄欖油。放入墨西哥薄餅把兩邊烘香。把薄餅拿出,在薄餅其中一半的地方放上莎莎醬,再放上雞柳粒,刨上芝士,把薄餅對接。將餡餅放回鑊中每邊煎約1分鐘,令芝士完全溶化,之後拿出。

  5. 將墨西哥餡餅切成三等份,再在旁邊放更多的莎莎醬、牛油果和酸忌廉。完成!

  1. Marinate the chicken tenderloin with paprika and seasoning for about 15 minutes. If you have onion powder and garlic powder, please feel free to add some as well.

  2. Prepare the salsa roja. Blanch the tomatoes and remove their skin and seeds. Chop them into small pieces. In a frying pan, add some olive oil. Saute and slightly caramelised the diced onion (about 7 minutes). Then add in the minced garlic, herbs and jalapeño, cook further for another 2 minutes. If you want your sauce to be smoother, you can use a hand blender/ blender to blend the sauce. (I didn't because I was really hungry!)

  3. Add some olive oil into another frying pan, saute the diced chicken tenderloin for about 7 minutes until they are thoroughly cooked.

  4. In a clean frying pan, add a teaspoon of olive oil. Toast the tortilla for a minute. Flip it, toast the other side as well. Take the tortilla out. Add the salsa on half side the tortilla only, then the chicken. Grate some Monterey cheese on top of the chicken. (Be generous!) Fold the tortilla in half. Put the quesadilla back into the pan for a minute and melt the cheese. Then take it out.

  5. Cut the quesadilla into 3 equal pieces. Serve them with more salsa roja, avocado and sour cream. Done!

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