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舒芙蕾歐姆蛋/ 梳乎厘奄列 Fluffy Souffle Omelette

舒芙蕾歐姆蛋/ 梳乎厘奄列 Fluffy Souffle Omelette

繼四百次咖啡之後,近期大家就流行做手打1000次舒芙蕾歐姆蛋 (梳乎厘奄列) !網上教學很多,但讓我分享更多小貼士給大家吧!

After the craze for Dalgona Coffee, these two weeks are all about super fluffy souffle omelette! There are many videos on how to make it perfectly, but let me share a few more insider tips with all of you!


1. 脂肪是打發蛋白起泡的頭號敵人!小心把蛋黃弄進去! 2. 室溫的蛋白能打出更多氣泡 3. 鹽會減弱起泡結構的穩定性,不要把鹽放在蛋白中~ 4. 太早加糖會減慢產生氣泡的速度 5. 可加少量檸檬汁或他他粉,降低蛋白的酸鹼度能減短打發時間 6. 砂糖有助防止氣泡爆破

⭐ Things you need to know about whipping egg white! ⭐

1. Fat is the biggest enemy of foaming egg white. 2. Egg whites at room temperature can create bigger volume of foam. 3. Salt weakens the stability of the structure of foam. Don't put salt with the whites. 4. Adding sugar too early retards the foaming. 5. Slightly lower the pH of egg white can fasten foaming. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice or a pinch of cream of tartare would help. 6. Sugar slows down air bubbles from bursting.


材料 Ingredients:

  • 雞蛋 Eggs | 4 pcs

  • 牛油 Butter | 2 tsp

  • 鹽 Salt | 1/4 tsp

  • 砂糖 Sugar | 1 tbsp


做法 Directions:

  1. 將蛋白及蛋黃分開。在蛋黃中加少許鹽調味,拂打蛋黃大概一分鐘至淡黃色。

  2. 把蛋白和砂糖拂打至軟性發泡狀態,再與蛋黃拌勻。

  3. 開小火 ,在鍋裡面加一些牛油。將剛才攪拌好的蛋泡倒進鍋裡面,蓋上蓋子,然後煮它大概四到七分鐘。

  4. 之後打開蓋子,然後將鍋子微微打側,利用地心引力將這個奄列捲下來對摺,輕輕的壓至定型。完成!

  1. First, seperate the egg yolks and the egg whites. Add the salt to the yolks and beat them for a minute until it becomes pale-yellow colour.

  2. Whip the egg whites with the sugar until soft-peak stage. Then mix with the yolks thoroughly.

  3. Turn on the stove, place the butter in and coat the surface of the pan. Place the egg mixture into the pan and cover with a lid. Cook it over low heat for 4 - 7 minutes.

  4. After 4 -7 minutes, take off the lid. Tilt the pan, roll the souffle omelette down and fold in half! Done!

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